About Us

“I started managing our own properties in 2003. Not only did I find that I was good at it, I found that I am better than most ‘professional companies’. I think this is because I personally manage each property. I manage each property as if it were my own. I know who is in the property, I know the owners (even if only through phone and email) and I work hard to ensure everyone is happy.

From the very beginning of the tenancy process I select tenants that I can work with. Tenants, who will look after the property, inform me of maintenance concerns in a timely manner and pay their rent on time. If my tenants are happy they tend to stay longer and be generally more helpful and respectful of the property they are living in.

I do not forget however that I am working for and being paid by the property owner. The owner and your investment is my focus. Everything I do is to ensure your house returns an income for you and remains able to do so. I pride myself on 100% occupancy and very little (if any) down time between occupancies.

Another point of difference is that I charge a flat fee (fully tax deductable) for management with no other fees. I do not charge for rental visits, inspections, photos, admin, or tradesmen surcharge etc. I believe my percentage fee covers all my time to select tenants, handling the paperwork, maintaining a relationship with tenants and owners and looking after the property. If I call a tradesman or advertise on your behalf, you pay only the invoiced amount, no more. Tradesmen are already expensive enough without a further 10-15% being added to every account!

Over the years I have built up a group of reliable tradespeople whom I regularly use. They are trustworthy and good at what they do. It is important that minor maintenance issues are dealt with quickly before they become major time consuming and expensive problems.

I quite often take it upon myself to do minor work myself, quick clean of the oven, defrost the freezer, hang new curtains, pull out weeds (I always travel with gardening gloves and implements in my car), replace light bulbs etc just as I would do for my own properties.

I have developed a robust system for rent inspections, maintenance reports, rent collection and arrears. I work for the property owners to maintain their investment and return a good income for you. I am happy to manage the house for short term or long term. I keep in regular contact with absent owners through email and phone.”

Liz Donnelly
Personal Property Manager