Tenancy Application Process
If you are interested in any of our listed properties then click on the link below and print off the tenancy application form.
Once you have completed the form email it back to us along with a copy of your photo ID and any other information you would like to add.
Once we have processed all applications we will select a small group to view the property. Once the viewing is completed we will select a short list of interested parties. We then perform full credit and background checks. It is advisable that you are honest with us from the start as false information will mean your application is unsuccessful.
You will need to be able to provide:
  • The bond (equivalent to 4 weeks rent)
  • 1 week rent in advance
***Feel free to drive past any available listings however you are not to enter the property, this includes the section and driveways. These are privately owned properties that are still tenanted. If we find out you have not adhered to this request then your application will automatically be declined***